Effective Ways to Teach Your Kids English

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Parents often wonder how they can help their children learn English as a second language. The answer is that parent-child interaction that helps children learn their first language also helps them understand their second language. Children learn languages more quickly than adults. That’s why introducing English at an early age is an excellent way to avoid the stress it might cause later on. Also, children are curious creatures, and it is not difficult to involve them in a learning activity. You can make sure of this with the help of ứng dụng học tiếng anh cho bé.

Learning Should Be Fun

Children learn naturally when they are having fun. Flashcards are a great way to learn and review a language, and there are many games you can play with flashcards and programs. If possible, play with your children in English. Any arcade or arcade machine-type game is excellent for beginners, and games like Scrabble are perfect for older children.

Establish a Routine

Make learning English a regular activity with your loved ones. Pick a time in the evening when your children are most awake and easy to digest, not when they are hungry or tired. This is the daily time spent doing language activities, teaching, or speaking English together. You can base this on your child’s mood and energy level. On some days, you may want to delay language time or take a day off.

Use Everyday Situations

This helps children become fluent because they can speak effortlessly on any topic through speaking practice. So always invite your child to talk to you in English and introduce them to objects around them at first. The advantage of teaching English at home is that you can use everyday scenarios and natural household objects to practice the language in an obvious way and the circumstances. They must know what they have to convey in English. Talk to them about everyday tasks and objects that you usually talk about in English. This can be asking them when they brushed their teeth or guiding them on formulating a question when they want to ask you something.

Help With Vocabulary

There are many approaches you can take to achieve this. Ask your child to stick labels with English phrases on things around the house. Test your child (in a fun way) with new words each week. Of course, there are many things you can do if you want to help your child understand English: for children, the most crucial thing is encouragement, so if you do this, help them as best you can.


Children learn language because they interact and play with the essential people in their lives every day. When caregivers are responsive in these interactions, children feel attached to them. They are encouraged to continue the interaction—being responsive means allowing the child to initiate and maintain the dialogue and then responding with enthusiasm and interest to whatever the child can do.

Benefits of Learning English

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Understanding written or spoken English may not be a problem for those living in English-speaking countries, but it can turn out to be a real challenge for those living in non-English speaking countries. The situation is one of the leading reasons why there are thousands of different English courses in many different parts of the world. As it is now a common phenomenon, people these days seem to take the English learning program seriously that they are on a constant lookout for the best courses offering the best services.

While it is true that English is now a permanent part of the school’s curriculum, parents still find it crucial to take their kids to such courses to sharpen their ability. However, one problem that these people often encounter is that not all people are aware of how important it is to learn English. These people often state that their mother language is enough, and they do not need to add another language to their memory. It is, of course, a misleading statement. The truth is that it is crucial to understand English, both spoken and written, and below are the reasons why.

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Global Understanding

As people have now reached the era of globalization, they need to be aware of the fact that they are no longer living between barriers that limit their communication. With the advanced technological advancements, it is now possible to talk to people living thousands of miles away. Note that today’s means of communication is no longer dependent on time and space limits, indicating the importance of a global language as a medium that connects these people.
Understanding English is, of course, a must if one intends to explore this global world. Without knowing the grammar or the common phrases, it is impossible for them to communicate well and get new knowledge.

Career Path

Have you ever thought of what you want to be after graduation? If you have figured out your career options, learning English will be a plus point. Most companies, especially international-scale companies, tend to recruit multilingual people. In short, understanding the language will open your career options and give you plenty of chances.


The ability to speak and understand English will also benefit you if you are a traveler. Whenever you go abroad and do not know how to express yourself in the local language, Speaking English is what you can do. Although not all people understand the language, the chances are high that one or two of the local people will understand.