Choosing A Good School For Your Children

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Choosing a good school for your children is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent. You want to that your children will be safe and nurtured and will receive a quality education.

Looking at schools for your children?

Your Childboy

When choosing a school for your child, the most important thing to consider is your child. What is their learning style? What type of environment will they have the most success in? Do they value structure and routine or require more of a laid back schedule? All of these factors will have a large impact on your child’s success, no matter what school they go to. So take the time to find a school that will match your child’s specific needs.


Do you want your child to be close to home or is distance, not a factor? Do you want your child to go to school with his/her neighbors and friends in the community? Is there a particular area where you do or don’t want your child to attend school?


Does the school have a good behavioral record or do they have a history of behavior problems? How strict are their policies and what types of consequences do they employ for infractions? Do they institute a no-bullying program and take an active role in preventing such behavior? Are their safety concerns?

Academic Performance

girlEvery school keeps track of their students’ academic performance each year, so be proactive about seeking out that information. Inquire about the average grades, test scores and reading levels of a school’s students. Make sure you look back at least five years to see if there have been any increases or decreases in performance and ask the administration about those changes.


Does the school offer a solid foundation of core subjects such as math, science, history and language arts? Do they offer an advanced or honors program for gifted students? Or special education programs for those with special needs? If you are seeking a school with a strong emphasis on a particular subject, consider a magnet school. Your child may need to take a special entrance exam to prove their capability in that subject.


What extracurricular activities does the school offer? Will the students be required to attend a physical education program every day? Or music and arts program? Does the school encourage students to foster their talents and interests?


2edf1drfBe sure to take a tour of the school’s facilities to evaluate them first-hand. Is their library updated with the latest technology? Does the gymnasium have equipment that is in good condition? Is the cafeteria clean and full of nutritious foods? Is there a nurse on site for students to see when they are ill or injured? A counselor to speak to about emotional and educational issues?